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Motoneiges de sentier

Polaris sleds built to cruise the snowmobile trail, rip through the corners, or ride on the roughest cross-country terrain. When the snow starts to fly and the winter playground opens up, these sleds provide the acceleration, comfort, and control to dominate any trail system winter throws your way.

La norme en matière de performances sur piste

Polaris trail snowmobiles are built to deliver comfort and control no matter where you ride, with premium rear suspension, various track lengths, unrivaled acceleration, and engine choices for every rider.

Generations of Trail Riding out on the Snow

The Polaris trail snowmobile lineup has been the industry-standard for over 40 years - helping riders get the most out of winter and delivering more miles and smiles out on the snowy trails like nothing else.

Performance pour tous les motoneigistes

The expansive lineup of two-stroke and four-stroke single rider and 2-up trail sleds is ready for every rider - from smooth groomed trail cruising with friends to adventurous cross country race performance.

Accessoires de sentier

Gear up your Polaris snowmobile and conquer the snow this winter. Check out the new lineup of accessories and apparel and explore what's possible with the Trail Accessory Collection, including our all-new Auxiliary Punch Light.

Ride with Confort et contrôle sur les sentiers

Learn what makes the Polaris INDY Family of sleds the trail performance standard in snowmobiling.