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Équipe Polaris : Rencontrez nos coureurs

Erin Beukelman

Featured Racer: Erin Beukelman

Erin grew up watching the Jackson Hole race and one year after watching it in person told his dad, “I think I can do this!” His dad laughed at first thinking that Erin might as well have said he wanted to go into space, but thanks to his family’s support Erin became a racer. He loves snowmobiling for the opportunities it has given him that he wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

RMSHA (Rocky Mountain States Hillclimb Association)

ISOC (International Series of Champions)

USXC (United States X-Country)

TLR Cup (Ice Ovals)

Iron Dog (The World's Longest Toughest Snowmobile Race)

CSRA (Canadian SnoCross Racing)