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Stephanie Bettis

Stephanie Bettis

State: Wisconsin
Sled: 600 INDY 137 XC
Favorite place to Ride: Northern Wisconsin


Stephanie is primarily a trail rider and will usually takes one trip to the mountains every year. She grew up on a dairy farm where her uncle and brother had snowmobiles. She would beg them to take her with every time or let her ride their sleds in the fields until she finally bought her own at the age of 18. Since then she has never missed an opportunity to go riding.


When she first started, she was often the only girl in the group but quickly became just one of the guys. As the guys started getting married and more women joined the clan, Stephanie enjoyed the chance to be a mentor to them. She also enjoys the group rides her snowmobile club takes as well as the 250+ mile trips with just her husband.


She is thankful for all of the people she has met and the sites she has got to see because of snowmobiling and is looking forward to more. When Stephanie is not snowmobiling, she enjoys gardening, hunting, hanging with her husband and dogs (Polaris & Winters), and being a farm accountant.