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Kerry Million

Kerry Million

State: Alberta, Canada
Sled: 2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144
Favorite place to Ride: Northwest Saskatchewan


Kerry became involved with snowmobiles in the fall of 1994 when he started working as a salesman and parts person at a Honda/Ski-Doo dealership in his hometown of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. Being that he was already a “gear head”, he instantly fell in love with the performance, speed, and technical aspects of snowmobiles. He started drag racing and trail performance tuning his own and the dealerships snowmobiles that season and became involved with the local snowmobile club. His passion for the sport was soon noticed in the community and at the age of 23 the following fall, he was approached to manage the Polaris dealership. Over the next several years, Kerry managed the successful dealership, increasing sales of all Polaris products, became president of the local snowmobile club, organized and acted as race master at many drag racing events, and was one of the original organizers beginning expansion of the Trans Canada Trail through Saskatchewan to the Alberta border. In addition he actively drag and snocross raced, performance tuned every snowmobile that was brought to the dealership for that purpose, as well as tuning for the dealership’s snocross and drag race team. All the while putting on a couple thousand miles riding each winter. Customers from across Alberta and Saskatchewan would call on him for advice on snowmobiles in general.


In 2001, Kerry left the dealership to open his own business. He stayed involved with the snocross race team, tuning for them, and rode his own snowmobile in Northwest Saskatchewan whenever he could. To feed his passion for the technical aspects of snowmobiles, he joined several online forums, under the username of “Pockets”. This enabled him to help fellow snowmobilers across Canada and the US with repairing, customizing, and making their Polaris snowmobiles better. He shared knowledge gained while running the Polaris dealership.


What Kerry loves about snowmobiling, is a combination of the freedom and exhilaration riding gives a person, combined with the mechanical and technical aspects of the snowmobile itself. Snowmobiling allows him to explore the countryside with almost no limits, have experiences and moments in time that are only there for him or the riders who are with him, and feel the thrill which the speed and acceleration of his Polaris creates. When his snowmobile has had the suspension set up perfectly for his riding style and conditions, and the engine and clutching is working at optimum, Kerry feels the satisfaction a true “gear head” enjoys.


Kerry’s love of the outdoors and anything with an engine is not only fed with riding his Polaris snowmobile, but with spending time bow and rifle hunting, long-range shooting, fishing, riding his Polaris ATV, being in the crew of a Pro Mod racecar, and working on his and friends classic cars. Kerry’s wife and their two daughters, ages 4 and 10, also enjoy anything outdoors. Kerry plans to feed their passion this winter and for many more with fun days riding a Polaris!