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Christopher Letourneau

Christopher Letourneau

State: Maine

Sled: 850 Matryx VR1 137”

Favorite Place to Ride: Aroostook County, Maine


One Thing Chris has always known, HE LOVES SNOW!! He has been on snowmobiles for about 36 years, or since he was about 2 ½ yrs old, (As a passenger of course, at that age). Chris started driving sleds on his own around the age of 7, cruising around the yard. He would ride till the 1979 Polaris Apollo 340 ran out of gas, and then wait patiently for his father to return home from a long day’s work with a fresh 5 gallons of pre-mix. Once Chris was able to venture out on to the tight twisty local trails, it brought snowmobiling to a completely new level. He has been hooked on trail riding ever since! He loves being in the North woods with all the beautiful snowy scenery and enjoying the wildlife that Maine has to offer, it is a majestic scene that not many people get to experience, unless you get on a snowmobile.


Chris and his wife ride sleds together as often as possible, she currently rides a 2021 Polaris Matryx VR1 650 with 137” track. She shares his passion for the sport. They love riding the twisty rolling trails of the Western Mountains Region of Maine. When they get those rare longer vacations, they head further north. Aroostook County, Maine is typically, where the Lion’s share of snow falls every year. That is where some of the flattest and fastest trails in the North East can be found, and that is where Chris and his wife also can be found. When he gets home from work or not on a snowmobile trip, Chris is helping maintain the local trail system. Chris is an active member of the Southern Maine Sno-Goers where he holds the Trail Master title. He enjoys leaving right from his own backyard to spend hours pulling that ole drag down the trails to make them as smooth and buttery as possible for the local snowmobilers. He gets a great sense of pride from volunteering his personal time and effort to help the work on the local trails. He also loves helping grow the sport of snowmobiling! Hopefully others will join their local clubs and help promote this amazing family sport!


Snow is always on Chris’ mind, he wishes everyone who is able, would get out of the house and enjoy snowmobiling and the snow as much as he does. He is always trying to promote the sport in a positive light, and get family, friends and heck, even strangers involved. The more people we can get to fall in love with the sport the better off snowmobiling will be. Bring on the SNOW! Ride SMART! Ride SAFE! Ride RIGHT!