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BiteHarder Carbide Sharpener

Numéro d’article 2882952
90,99 $ CAD
Disponible en quantités limitées
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Description du produit

When it comes to carving up a groomed trail, nothing does it better than a set of perfectly sharpened carbide runners. Of course, every ride can’t be on new runners…or can it? The new BiteHarder Carbide sharpening tool allows you to re-sharpen your carbide runners for a perfect edge every time you ride. The specially shaped tool features diamond cutting media and delivers a carbide edge that stays sharper longer for more precision, accuracy and control. Ride with greater confidence and safety. Designed to be used with a portable drill, you can sharpen your carbide wear bars nearly anywhere including in the garage, trailer or even trail side.


Soin et nettoyage Mild Soap & Water, Dry Cloth
Garantie 1 Year From Date of Purchase
California residents: WARNING