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Storm 150 Stud Kit - 129

Numéro d’article 2883677
459,99 $ CAD
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Description du produit

The Storm 150 track on your INDY® XC® 129  sled was designed to give you a high-performance ride. If you want to unleash the full potential of your snowmobile, equip your track with studs designed for ultimate control and stopping power, with your specific sled and track in mind. With this kit, you’ll be able to easily install studs on your Storm 150 track and dominate your terrain.

All-in-One Stud Kit

Instead of making multiple orders, get everything you need to install studs on your snowmobile track with this complete bundle. This kit includes everything required for a smooth DIY install, including:

• 90 Studs

• 90 Backer Plates

• 91 Studs-Drilling Template for easy installation

• Track drill

• Woody’s Track Marker




Garantie 1 Year From Date of Purchase
Taille du conteneur Hard
California residents: WARNING