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Woody's Dooly Skag 4"

Numéro d’article 2882953
84,99 $ CAD
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Description du produit

Perfect for a leisurely trail rider, this 60º carbide features two 7/16-inch Flat-Top® runners that are 4 inches in length. The Dooly™ design decreases darting as its four runners (two parallel runners a ski) make it difficult to fall into the grooves of previous traffic. A tucked front end design ensures added stability. This carbide also eases steering as the pounds per square inch are spread across two points, instead of just one. This keeps the runners from penetrating as far, and contributes to a reduction in wear.


Facilité d’installation Easy
Soin et nettoyage Mild Soap & Water, Dry Cloth
Garantie 1 Year From Date of Purchase
California residents: WARNING