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The Polaris Podcast: How to Dress for Snowmobiling with 509

How to Dress for Snowmobiling with 509
Snowmobiling and Snow biking are incredibly enjoyable sports. There’s nothing better than getting out with your friends while the trails or mountains are in perfect condition. What can make that ride go south quickly is not being dressed properly. Being too hot or too cold can ruin a great day of riding. Because of this, we’ve partnered with David McKinney from 509 to help take the guesswork out of deciding what gear you should wear this riding season no matter if you’re a mountain rider out West or just enjoying your local trails in the Midwest. 
In this episode, you'll hear from our expert, David McKinney who discusses everything from the basics of layering for cold weather riding to specific clothing setups that one could use depending on your riding style. He'll also be covering select pieces of clothing in the 509 lineup to help listeners decide what new gear to purchase.  

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In This Episode

Basics to know (2:12)

Layering (4:10)

Base Layers (10:26)

Mid Layers (13:06)

Outer Layers (14:29)

Gloves (15:23)

Helmets (17:59)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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