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Offline Maps on the RIDE COMMAND App

You can download maps from the RIDE COMMAND app to use when you are not connected to the internet.

To download maps, go to the side menu by tapping the three lines in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Tap OFFLINE MAP REGIONS. This is where you will see all the regions that have been downloaded for offline use. Map regions can be downloaded only over WiFi.

offline maps

Tap the CHOOSE MAP AREA button.

Choose map area

Select the region you would like to download by panning and zooming the map in and out. An estimate of the download size will be shown on the bottom of the screen.


Once you have the desired region inside the box, tap the DOWNLOAD button.

On the Offline Map Regions page, wait for the progress bar to move all the way across the row, indicating the entire region has been downloaded.

Trails and other Points of Interest for this downloaded region now will always be available on the main map tab, even when you're offline or in low connectivity out on a trail.

Saved maps

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