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SnowCheck 2023


SnowCheck Overview

SnowCheck is a program offered by Polaris every spring. Customers who place SnowCheck orders can pre-order limited edition snowmobile models while customizing their sleds.

SnowCheck applies to new model year snowmobiles only. Customers that take advantage of the SnowCheck program are eligible to order exclusive models that are not available in season.

SnowCheck for model year 2023 sleds starts February 28,2022, and ends March 24, 2022.

The eligible models and incentives for U.S. and Canadian customers are listed below.
G&A = Garments and accessories.

MY23 SnowCheck
Promotional Limited Warranty:
2 YR = 12-month factory warranty + 12-month promotional limited warranty
3 YR = 12-month factory warranty + 24-month promotional limited warranty

Polaris Promotional Limited Warranty (PLW): The SnowCheck Promotional Limited Warranty consists of the standard 12-month factory warranty plus an additional 12 or 24 months of promotional limited coverage for a total of 24 or 36 months of warranty coverage. Any additional warranty coverage after the initial 12-month factory warranty is subject to a $50.00 deductible per claim. 

Delayed Warranty Start: All eligible snowmobiles warranty registered between April 1, 2022, and November 30, 2022, will have their factory warranty in effect until November 30, 2023.

Warranty Registration: Warranty registrations must be submitted using Polaris electronic registration and must be received by Polaris as sold or no later than the ending date of the program December 31, 2022 11:59 p.m. CST. If this date is missed, no credits will be issued. 

Customers placing a SnowCheck order are required to make a $500 minimum non-refundable, non-transferable deposit by March 24, 2022, with their dealer. 

U.S. SnowCheck customers can qualify for a 36-month, 60-month or 84-month loan.

Canadian SnowCheck customers can qualify for a 36-month or 60-month loan. Customers in Canada also can qualify for six months of no payments and five months without interest. Both begin on the date of purchase, meaning no interest will accrue until the sixth month of the loan.

For full financing options and terms, see your Polaris Dealer.

The ordering period for 2023 SnowCheck is February 28, 2022, through March 24, 2022.  

Golden Ticket
A Golden Ticket from a model year 2021 SnowCheck purchase can be redeemed on a model year 2023 SnowCheck purchase. A model year 2021 Golden Ticket is worth $500 on a model year 2023 SnowCheck purchase. Golden Tickets are not being issued for model year 2023 SnowCheck purchases. 

When redeeming your Golden Ticket, it must be presented at the time of your SnowCheck order. When presented, the dealer will reduce the price of the snowmobile based on the value of the Golden Ticket at the time of redemption.

Golden Tickets are non-transferrable and can only be redeemed once. They must be redeemed by the original holder of the Golden Ticket.

Please see your Golden Ticket for full details. 

SnowCheck Status
SnowCheck customers should see their Polaris Dealer with questions regarding the status of their order. Your dealer will be your best resource for determining shipment and arrival dates as well as answering any questions regarding your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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