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SnowCheck 2021

Snow check logo

SnowCheck is a program offered by Polaris every spring. Customers who place SnowCheck orders can pre-order limited edition snowmobile models while customizing their sleds.

SnowCheck applies to new model year snowmobiles only. Customers that take advantage of the SnowCheck program are eligible to order exclusive models that are not available in season.

SnowCheck for model year 2021 started March 2, 2020, and ended May 1, 2020.

The eligible models and incentives for U.S. customers are listed below.

United States Snow Check offers

For more information on some of the new features available for SnowCheck, listen to the Polaris Snowmobiles and Timbersled's 2021 Vision episode of the Polaris Podcast.

The eligible models and incentives for Canadian customers are listed below.

Canada Snow Check offers

The SnowCheck Promotional Limited Warranty consists of the standard 12-month factory warranty plus an additional 12, 24 or 36 months of coverage based on which option a customer selects. This makes for total coverage of up to four years.

Any warranty coverage after the initial 12-month factory warranty is subject to a $50 deductible per visit.

All eligible SnowCheck snowmobiles warranty registered between April 1, 2020, and Nov. 30, 2020, will have their factory warranty in effect until Nov. 30, 2021.

Customers placing a SnowCheck order were required to make a $500 minimum non-refundable, non-transferable deposit by April 15, 2020, with their dealer.

U.S. SnowCheck customers can qualify for a 48-month loan or a 12-month loan with 0 percent interest. The 48-month loan includes the standard 12-month factory warranty plus an additional 12 months of coverage. That makes for a total of two years of coverage. The 12-month loan includes a total of four years of warranty coverage.

Canadian SnowCheck customers also can qualify for the 48-month loan with 0 percent interest. This offer includes a total of two years of warranty coverage. Customers in Canada also can qualify for six months of no payments and five months without interest. Both begin on the date of purchase, meaning no interest will accrue until the sixth month of the loan.

For full financing options and terms, see your Polaris Dealer.

If you already made a SnowCheck order, you can switch to the 48-month loan with 0-percent financing offer when your SnowCheck arrives. 

Shipment Guarantee
SnowCheck orders placed by April 15, 2020, are guaranteed to ship by Nov. 30. If your order is not delivered on time, you will receive a $500 Polaris gift card.

If you qualify for the Shipment Guarantee, you received an email from Polaris on Dec. 7.

If you believe you should qualify and have not received an email regarding Shipment Guarantee, please contact your Polaris Dealer.

Build your SnowCheck sled online and submit it to your preferred Polaris Dealer or visit your preferred Polaris Dealer to place your order in person. To find a dealer near you, use either the U.S. Dealer Locator or Canadian Dealer Locator.

If you submit your order online, a dealer will follow up regardless of whether they are opened or closed.

Golden Ticket
Polaris is once again offering Golden Tickets to SnowCheck customers in 2021. Customers will receive a Golden Ticket with the purchase and delivery of a model year 2021 850 Pro RMK, 850 KHAOS or 850 SKS during the SnowCheck period.

A Golden Ticket can be redeemed on a future SnowCheck purchase. A model year 2021 Golden Ticket will be worth $1,000 on a model year 2022 SnowCheck purchase and $500 on a model year 2023 SnowCheck purchase. Golden Tickets are valid on 850 Pro RMK, 850 KHAOS and 850 SKS models only.

To receive a Golden Ticket, the original SnowCheck customer must take delivery and have the snowmobile warranty registered by Dec. 31, 2020. Golden Tickets will be mailed to the customer after warranty registration.

When redeeming your Golden Ticket, it must be presented at the time of your SnowCheck order. When presented, the dealer will reduce the price of the snowmobile based on the value of the Golden Ticket at the time of redemption.

Golden Tickets are non-transferrable and can only be redeemed once. They must be redeemed by the original holder of the Golden Ticket.

SnowCheck Status
SnowCheck customers should see their Polaris Dealer with questions regarding the status of their order. Your dealer will be your best resource for determining shipment and arrival dates as well as answering any questions regarding your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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