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Events on Ride Command App

Using the Ride Command app, you can create events for your upcoming rides and attach tracks, waypoints and photos. Then you can set a date and time and share the event with anyone.

If you make your event public, it allows other riders to discover it on the Nearby Events list. Clubs and organizations can use this feature to create ride events and allow others to discover them.

To Find and Save Events

1. Select the COMMUNITY tab from the bottom panel of buttons. 

Community homepage

2. Select EXPLORE from the top menu bar. 


3. Select EVENTS. 


Once on the Events page, you can scroll through events other users have posted. Use the search bar to search for events by name or use the filter button to view events by date, location and ride length.

filter and search

4. If you find an event you are interested in, you can view the event details by selecting the event. You can like, save or share the event by using the buttons under the event name. 

View event

5. To access your saved events, navigate to the Community tab > Saved. 

Saved events

To Create and Share an Event

1. Select NEW POST on the Community homepage and select EVENT from the pop-up menu.

Note: Be sure you are on the "Activity" tab. 

Create Ride Command Event

2. Add an event title, date(s) and start/end times. You can also add an address or meeting location, add photos and choose between creating a public or private event by using the toggle switch at the top of the page.  

Create event

If you select SET MEETING LOCATION, a map will appear, and you can drag and drop your meeting point to the desired location. Select SET LOCATION when you find your desired location.

Set Meeting Location

On the event page, select NEXT when finished adding information and privacy settings.

3. On the following page, you can add any relevant website links to your event.

Select ADD RIDES AND PLACES to add tracked rides, waypoints, saved routes, geofenced areas or collections to your event.  

Add Rides and Places


Add routes, tracks, waypoints

When finished adding routes, waypoints, etc. to your event, select DONE in the upper-right corner. 

When finished modifying your event, select CREATE.

Create event

4. To view, edit and share your events, navigate to the Community tab > My Events. From here you can select your event to edit it or share by pressing the SHARE button under the event. 

My events

For more information, visit the Ride Command website.
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