Born for More

We live at the heart of the ride. Because we believe that every moment on the snow should be a reason to ride again. To experience more of what unites us as snowmobilers and to forge deeper bonds in the wild, snowy places we live to ride in. Together, we are BORN FOR MORE. 
Levi LaVallee's Bold North UpsideDowntown Jump

Relive Levi LaVallee's game time moment as part of Super Bowl LII.

Warrior Ride

Paul Thacker, Chris Burandt, Monster Energy, and Polaris teamed up for the W...

WFSS - Ice Cream

Levi LaVallee teaches others one of his secrets to handling Waiting for Snow...

WFSS - Turtle Racing

You can take Levi LaVallee out of the race, but you can’t take the race out...

WFSS - Yoga

Check out the latest way that Levi LaVallee copes with Waiting for Snow Synd...

WFSS - Library

It’s that time of year again – when Waiting for Snow Syndrome sets in and th...

Chris Burandt Snowmobiles in South America

See how far Chris Burandt is willing to travel for snow to beat his WFSS.

WFSS: Waiting for Snow Syndrome Therapy Session

Waiting for Snow Syndrome… It's sad, it's real. Learn how Polaris athletes c...

Levi LaVallee's 200-Foot Hay Days Jump

Polaris athlete, Levi Lavallee helps celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hay D...

Winter Weather Update

Epic snowfall is expected throughout the 2016-17 winter season thanks to our...