Polaris Riders: Meet Riders Like You

Breaking Boundaries

Joe Martinez, Wyoming

On April 19, 1995, Joe “Lefty” Martinez woke to find that three days prior, his life had changed forever. Unsure and unclear of where he was and how he got there, he made a conscious effort to find the positive in every negative experience and started Breaking Boundaries life threw at him. He is now a snowmobile guide at Togwotee Mountain Lodge and serves as an inspiration to others.

Return of the XCR

Matt Prusak, Minnesota

Matt began snowmobiling at a young age in Duluth, Minnesota. After seeing his first snocross competition, he thought racing on tracks with big jumps seemed more fun than riding on trails and began racing snocross and hillclimb. Matt is now an engineer at Polaris and hopes to share his passion for snowmobiling with his young son. He also buys and rebuilds old XCRs.


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