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Evan Peppel

Evan Peppel

State: Minnesota
Race Sled: Switchback XCR

Evan started racing after he had a great time during pre-rides when his friend raced. He was excited to be able to ride more through racing. He grew up riding snowmobiles with his dad, and snowmobiling has changed his life through great friends that have lots of fun together. He most admires Gabe Bunke not only because he is a good racer, but because he also helps everyone at the track. Evan wants to become a better racer and turn pro before becoming an engineer at Polaris. When not riding, he is hunting, fishing, dirt biking, jet skiing, or spending time with family and friends.

Switchback® XCR®

Designed for extreme performance riders that need to dominate tough terrain at high speeds. The lightweight yet strong AXYS® chassis paired with the race-ready components of the Switchback® XCR® deliver extreme performance.