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Matt Entz

Matt Entz

State: Colorado
Sled: 850 RMK KHAOS 165
Favorite place to Ride: South Fork, Colorado

When he's not on his snowmobile, Matt enjoys doing anything that includes his family. His favorite is spending time with his wife and daughters in the mountains. As a kid, his family always had snowmobiles, and he got to ride them occasionally. As he got a little older, his dad would take him riding in the mountains a few times a year and taught him about that environment. He enjoyed everything about those experiences and they fueled his desire to ride. Matt rides snowmobiles for the challenges, freedoms, friendships, and most of all the mind-clearing experience. While riding a snowmobile it is as if nothing else matters. Nearly everything in his life is based around or is because of snowmobiling. Just riding snowmobiles wasn't nearly enough, so he started Mountain Skillz to share his experiences with others to help them safely enjoy the sport on a broader spectrum. He plans to be a rider for years to come and to help people as an instructor for as long as they are interested.