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Vicky Gaunce

Vicky Gaunce

State: New Brunswick Canada
Sled: 850 Switchback XCR
Favorite place to Ride: Southern New Brunswick


Growing up. Vicky always remember her father snowmobiling. It was hard for her to fathom spending countless hours outdoors in the cold winter temperatures. She could never understand why someone would want to spend so much time outdoors.

Eight years ago, she decided to try snowmobiling. She instantly fell in love with the sport and the camaraderie. After her first year, on a 2005 Edge Classic, she quickly decided to purchase my first brand new sled. The next season, Vicky was sporting a 2011 Rush 600 and was a director with herlocal snowmobile club. After several years as a director, she is now the current club President.

The Goshen Snowmobile Club #28 in New Brunswick, Canada is where it all began for her. They have some of the nicest scenery and friendliest members. Most of the trails are located around the new Fundy Trail area – a must see. Vicky recommends every come to her area at least once!