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Trish Drinkle

Trish Panich

State: British Columbia
Sled: 850 PRO-RMK® 163
Favorite place to Ride: Creston and Valemount, British Columbia


Not only is Trish Drinkle an avid deep snow rider, she is also president of the Creston [B.C.] Snowmobile Club, a director of the B.C. provincial federation, board member for Sledcom with Avalanche Canada, an author of snowmobile articles, mentor to women riders, and wife and mother of four. Whew! “Being active in organized snowmobiling, I enjoy growing the sport and being a voice for stewardship and safety,” she said. She inspires others with her passion for snowmobiling, which she loves because of “the freedom, the personal challenges, and the tight, family-like relationships developed with a trusted crew.”

850 PRO-RMK® 163

The PRO-RMK® 163 is the lightest, strongest, most flickable deep snow sled on the market. The world's best mountain sled features the industry's best power-to-weight ratio to give you instantaneous lift and immediate response.

850 PRO-RMK 163