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Scott Russeau

Scott Russeau

State: Michigan
Sled: 850 INDY® XC® 129
Favorite place to Ride: Right outside his house in Cadillac, Michigan


Introduced to snowmobiles at an early age by his parents, Scott Russeau credits sleds with having “helped me to stay on a good path, have goals and achieve them, and it has taught me how to be a better mechanic, a better athlete, and most importantly, a better person.”


A longtime Polaris® loyalist who restores vintage Polaris® race sleds, Scott was a professional snocross racer, and today he and his family enjoy recreational riding right from their Cadillac, Michigan, home. He is also a certified snowmobile safety instructor who teaches classes and makes presentations at Michigan schools to inspire young riders to enjoy his favorite sport passionately – and safely.

850 INDY® XC® 129

The INDY® XC® is for riders seeking a pure, high-performance experience and escape on the trail through quick acceleration and a smooth ride.

850 INDY XC 129