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Sasha Bodie

Sasha Bodie

State: British Columbia

Sled: 850 RMK Khaos  155

Favorite place to ride: Northern BC - Tumbler Ridge


Sasha loves snowmobiling because of the places she can get to on a sled, the personal challenges to overcome, the breathtaking views, and the friendships created out in the mountains. She loves the energy she gets from the group of people she’s riding with and knowing that she will learn something new or even teach someone something new while out exploring the beautiful mountain terrain.

Sasha grew up riding snowmobiles on her parent’s farm in Manitoba. As she got older, her passion grew, and she started travelling west to British Columbia to further her sledding passion. Once Sasha realized how much she loved snowmobiling in the mountains, she packed her bags in Manitoba and moved to Northern British Columbia where she could continue her work career but also continue her passion for sledding.  During the summer Sasha enjoys being outdoors through hiking, waterfalls, or alpine lakes, fishing, or exploring new areas with the side by side.