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Ryan Lamming

Ryan Lamming

State: Alberta, Canada
Sled: 850 PRO RMK 163
Favorite place to Ride: Tumbler Ridge BC

Ryan's love of backcountry riding began in the small Northern Ontario town of Wawa. He moved west and that passion grew with the introduction of mountains. He loves sharing what he has learned over the years with new comers to the sport. Ryan runs backcountry clinics where they go over the basics of sledding and backcountry fundamentals. He has dedicated a good portion of his life to snowmobiles (too much if you were to ask his loving wife) and truly want to see the industry grow. It's a precarious time in the industry. With so many eyes on it, Ryan hopes to only leave a positive foot print. He has to mention "Sleddin Santa". Every year at Christmas Ryan decorates his Polaris snowmobile (700+ lights) throws on the Ole St Nick suit, and pulls a sleigh around to friend’s homes with children, bearing gifts. Their smiles....worth everything! Here is to a great season!