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Nikki Laughridge

Nikki Laughridge

State: Idaho
Sled: 800 PRO RMK 163
Favorite place to Ride: McCall ID


 Did someone say snow?! Nikki’s passion for snowmobiling was introduced at around 11 years old, most of her childhood winters were spent with family out on their sleds however, it wasn’t until around 23 years old when Nikki realized how much she not only loved snowmobiling in general but true back country riding. At that point, she decided to put everything she could into it and learn as much as possible. Nikki is a lover of all things adventure, when she isn’t snowmobiling you will frequently see her traveling, skydiving, dirt biking, scuba diving and more!
Every year Nikki set goals of new techniques she wants to get down or others she wants to master. She is getting more and more comfortable out on the snow and can hang in the trees a lot more now and I love them. She wants to continue on that path and wants to be even more involved in helping other women get feel more comfortable in the back country. It is so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow and learn, this season she plans to push harder than ever. Her trip to ride in Chile this summer was an epic start to that!
When she is out riding it is unlike anything else, the places we get to go, nature, the people around us. Pure happiness, adventure, excitement, adrenaline, she loves it all. LET IT SNOW! ❄❄❄❄