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Logan Thibodeau

Logan Thibodeau

State: Alberta, Canada
Sled: 850 PRO RMK 155
Favorite place to Ride: Revelstoke

Logan grew up in a small community just outside of Taber Alberta, fell in love with the sport of sledding, working on mod sleds with his dad and racing. On the weekends his dad would take him to the mountains to ride snowmobiles at the age of 4. This eventually grew into a lifestyle. Chasing big storms and epic terrain all over BC., Logan has been able to pass the love for snowmobiles down to his oldest daughter Talia. Even though he doesn’t currently live in the mountains, he spends a lot of his free time there. , Tt's his happy place. Logan’s goals are to eventually become a certified guide, and help people navigate terrain safely. The best is getting a group of riders together and pushing each other's limits in the back country. On summer months he enjoys camping, biking and fishing