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Joseph Martinez

Joseph Martinez

State: Idaho
Sled: 800 PRO-RMK® 155
Favorite Place to Ride: Togwotee Pass


Joe grew up on bikes and that is where he lost his arm. He then picked up snowboarding to fill the void. On a snowboard trip to Jackson, he got on a snowmobile & was hooked! Joe purchased his first RMK in 2001, and since then backcountry & this community have become his life. They have done things for him in terms of physical & psychological recovery from his situation. As a result, he founded Ascend Empowerment a 501 3c non profit, where he gets disabled vets into the backcountry.


Joe is hoping he can give back some of what he as gotten by finding snowmoblining in the backcountry.

800 PRO-RMK® 155

The PRO-RMK® 155 is the lightest, strongest, most flickable deep snow sled on the market. The world's best mountain sled features the industry's best power-to-weight ratio to give you instantaneous lift and immediate response.

800 PRO-RMK 155