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Erik Nelson

Erik Nelson

State: Washington
Sled: 850 RMK Khaos 155


A fun fact about Erik; his hometown is Kirkland WA... yes the one Costco has made famous! People have been familiar with the name as it has become a common name worldwide. He grew up going to the mountains year-round. Started snow skiing at 4-5 years old as his parents were avid good skiers.


They would camp, hike and boat during summers. Erik's same-age cousin and he decided we were going to switch from skiing to snowboarding when they were 12. This was when they were the only ones at the mountain doing this, with very makeshift gear. It quickly became very popular in the early '90s and where Erik really began loving the winter and riding snow.


Erik had been around snowmobiles a lot but never knew anyone that rode besides a few rental rides. In 2006, Erik bought several Polaris snowmobiles and a trailer to being his snowmobile journey! When he says he is passionate about sledding; its the truth! Erik has spent over 230 days riding mountains on Polaris sleds. He enjoys exploring the mountains and scenery but also is sure he is learning how to do it safely! Erik is continually being avalanche and first aid trained; as well as being a big advocate for others to do the same. It can be a dangerous sport, but with the knowledge, you can mitigate a lot of unnecessary risks. Erik is beyond thrilled and thankful to represent a company he loves and stands up for. There is not a bigger privilege than to partner with Polaris Snowmobiles for this season 2019/2020!