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David Moon

David Moon

State: Wisconsin
Sled: 850 Switchback PRO-S
Favorite place to Ride: Northern Wisconsin

David was raised riding snowmobiles and ATVs since the age of 6, where he spent many hours in the shop with his dad working on snowmobiles, rebuilding motors, and learning everything he could. The rest is history. Today, David rides every chance he gets, even if it’s just a short ride after work. He is also a board member for one of the two snowmobile clubs he is involved in, with one of his goals being to ensure the sport he loves continues to be around not just for other people, but for future generations. David rides because he likes to spend time with family and friends, spend time outdoors, explore new places and be able to see things you never get to see any other way but on a snowmobile.

800 Switchback® PRO-S

Experience the go-anywhere versatility of the Switchback® PRO-S on the trail or off the map with the sled born to give you the best of both worlds. Some days you follow the trails for miles, others you ride in the backcountry for hours.

800 Switchback PRO-S