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Colten Dixon

Colten Dixon

State: Ontario Canada
Sled: Matryx VR1 137
Favorite place to Ride: Northern Ontario

Colten was introduced to snowmobiling at an early age by his father.  If they weren’t riding, they were buying, fixing or modifying snowmobiles. After that first introduction, he never looked back and every fall starts the countdown until that first snowfall.

Colten enjoys planning multi day rides with his riding group and meeting other avid snowmobilers along the way always makes for a memorable trip.   One of the many reasons he loves snowmobiling so much is that it allows him to leave everything behind and just enjoy the wilderness while riding the vast trail systems that Ontario and Quebec have to offer. Snowmobiling affords Colten the opportunity to explore areas such as Northern Ontario and Quebec that he may not otherwise see during other seasons.

When Colten is not riding his snowmobile in the winter or modifying it in the off season, he is volunteering time at local clubs for other passionate riders to enjoy, as maintenance of the trails is a year round job.

During the off season he can be found enjoying outdoor activities with friends and family at his family’s cottage in the Algonquin Highlands and riding his Polaris RZR throughout the many beautiful trails & wilderness that Ontario has to offer.