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Cedrik Moreau

Cedrik Moreau

State:  Quebec

Sled:  850 RMK 155

Favorite Place to Ride: Monts-Valins, Quebec, Canada


Cedrik started riding snowmobile at a young age. He immediately became addicted to the feeling of freedom that comes from exploring the backcountry. This exceptional moment of when he left his track into an untouched ground can’t be described. His passion for the sport has only grown. His type of riding is more technical like tree riding, re-entry, jumps, drops. He loves to use his creativity in making lines and finding new areas to ride. He is always trying to push further and go where no one has been. Cedrik says that he needs a snowmobile that is light, nimble, and gets on top of the snow as quickly as possible. For those reasons, he rides an RMK. Over the years has become more and more involved in the sport. Cedrik is now taking his passion more seriously by working with companies and sharing his adventures with the rest of the world. His goal of becoming a Polaris Ambassador is not a dream anymore!