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Adryran Pelosi

Adryan Pelosi

State: New York

Sled: 800 Rush XCR

Favorite Place to Ride: Old Forge, NY/Southern Adirondacks


Adryan was born and grew up in the southern Adirondacks.  At the age of just 6 weeks old, he was strapped to his mother riding his first snowmobile.  He’s been riding ever since.  Adryan spent most of his winter days snowmobiling with family and friends on our local trail systems.  He helped out with the local snowmobile club whenever he could.  For eight years Adryan raced snocross on the east coast with his father traveling all over.  Nowadays, he ventures north and rides out of Old Forge with friends that all share his same passion. 


Adryan loves snowmobiling because it has taught him many life lessons and has brought him closer to family and friends.  Snowmobiles can bring you to the most remote locations in the world that no other machine can do.  He loves being able to share these unforgettable experiences with the ones he loves.  Going out with a group of riders and enjoying the adventure together is what makes snowmobiling such a great sport!