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All-New Patriot 9R

A member of the Factory Mod engine family - the 9R big bore Patriot. Delivering race-mod response and lightweight power as the most powerful naturally aspirated engine Polaris has ever built. 

Lightning Fast Response

Low inertia cranktrain and lightweight engine deliver unbeatable response.

Designed for durability

Low Inertia Crankshaft

Lightweight crankshaft with 3% lower inertia than an 850

Designed for durability

Lightweight Flywheel

10% lighter flywheel lowers inertia and improves performance and response.

Designed for durability


New pistons with ceramic coated domes, optimized for lightweight performance.

Designed for durability

Lightweight Power

The Patriot 9R makes 7% more power and up to 12% more torque than the 850 Patriot while being 1.2 lbs lighter

Designed for durability

Big Bore Cylinders

Big bore cylinders with 899cc of displacement and an enhanced plating process.

Designed for durability

CNC Porting

Crankcase and cylinder feature CNC machined exhaust and intake ports to improve flow and power.

Designed for durability


New head design optimized to the larger displacement, proudly painted Polaris Blue.

Designed for durability

Aramid Cord Pull Rope

The Patriot 9R features a new, low stretch, improved wear resistant and temperature resistant pull rope, for improved starting.

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