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All-New Patriot Boost

Patriot Boost - The Turbocharged Heart of the Factory Mod

Purpose Built Durability

From the very first sketch, the 850 Patriot was designed to be boosted! Its proven architecture has earned a reputation for rock-solid durability.

850 Patriot Architecture

Designed from day one to handle the stress and demands of turbocharged power, the 850 Patriot is the ideal foundation for the industry-leading Patriot Boost. Experience worry-free turbo charged power with a 2 year warranty.

Turbocharger Design

The turbocharger features a vertical design with a scalloped, reverse rotating turbine. This results in a lightweight turbo that is seamlessly integrated into the Matryx Slash platform. The direct airflow path and lightweight turbocharger result in immediate response and power.

Precise Control with SmartBoost

The Patriot Boost features the SmartBoost system, enabling a level of unmatched precision and engine stability & control. This unmatched control allows the engine to be pushed harder, producing more power without sacrificing reliability.

Seamless Control

The Patriot Boost engine delivers superior consistency and control, unrivaled in 2-stroke turbo engines. The patent pending SmartBoost system represents a breakthrough in turbocharged 2-stroke technology. It delivers stable combustion at boost pressures up to 9 psi, enabling industry-leading* power with refined, hassle-free performance.

SmartBoost System

The patent pending SmartBoost system delivers stable combustion at up to 9 psi of boost. The SmartBoost system consists of the tuned-pipe mounted wastegate, vertical turbocharger, reverse rotating & scalloped turbine, and Polaris exclusive engine calibration and controls.

Any Day - Any Conditions

In the mountains, the conditions are always changing. No matter the weather, conditions, or terrain, the Patriot Boost runs strong every single day - and you don't have to touch a thing. Electronic boost control paired with the patent pending SmartBoost system allows the Patriot Boost to constantly adjusts and fine tunes itself, producing consistent, hassle free, dominating performance every single ride.

Proprietary Exhaust System & Boost Control Technology

Electronic boost control paired with the patent pending SmartBoost system produces consistent, predictable power every ride.

More Power. Everywhere.

The SmartBoost system enables the Patriot Boost to be the most powerful production turbo 2-stroke engine ever*, creating 10% more power than the Patriot 850 at sea level, and 50% more power than the 850 Patriot at 10,000 feet of elevation with up to 9 PSI of boost. SmartBoost also reduces turbo lag, delivering the industry-leading power with unrivaled response.

Power at Sea Level

The Patriot Boost produces 10% more than the 850 Patriot at sea level. Running 91 oct. pump gas, the Patriot Boost isn't altitude compensating, it's a purpose-built for more power no matter where the ride takes you.

Power at 10,000 ft

The Patriot Boost produces 50% more horsepower than the 850 Patriot at 10,000 feet of elevation.

Immediate Response

In the deep snow, response is critical. The Patriot Boost features the SmartBoost system and a unique reed valve in the boost box. The reed valve allows air to enter the engine while the turbo is building boost, delivering immediate response with turbocharged power.

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* Based on Internal Polaris Testing.