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Joy to the DIY-er. Save $20 off $100, or $50 off $250 on select oil and lubricants! Shop online or Shop In-Store. Plus, get Dealer Cash!

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Snowmobile Maintenance Parts

Battery care icon
Battery Care Image

Everything your battery needs to power your ride.

Drive belts icon
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Your sled’s performance depends on having the best-fit drive belt.

Garage and vehicle care icon
Garage and Vehicle Care Image

Stock up on maintenance supplies.

Lubricants icon
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Find the best lubricants for your unique sled.

Service manuals icon
Service Manuals Image

Lost your Polaris Snowmobile service manual? We have you covered.

Service parts icon
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Your sled is only as strong as the components that build it. Find the best parts for your snowmobile.

Spark plugs icon
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Stock up on spark plugs so you can keep your sled running smooth all season long.

Tracks icon

Tracks, studs, traction control and rail accessories for all Polaris snowmobiles.

Maintenance Tips & Resources

Belt Maintenance Image

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your snowmobile running longer, riding smoother, and looking sharper. Whether you’re doing an oil fill, fixing a known problem, or troubleshooting an unknown issue, Polaris is here to help. With the best expertise and equipment, Polaris has everything you need to keep your sled in tip-top shape.


Our engineers at Polaris create snowmobile parts that push the limits of weight versus strength. We build our parts to feel lighter, without sacrificing strength and durability. But over time, your sled will eventually need some service. When we’re engineering our high-performance components, we keep serviceability in mind. From a quick clutch inspection to a ski alignment, we build our products as a system, so that anyone with the right tools and training can easily maintain their vehicle from their own garage—and get back on the trails where your snowmobile belongs.