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Snow Safety

Pieps JetForce SC Avy Pack

Exclusively through Polaris®


Featuring the latest advancement in avalanche airbag technology, the PIEPS JetForce SC uses the new Alpride E1 electric airbag system. This powerful, fan-based system charges via both a micro USB and AA batteries, and is housed in a 20-liter pack that stores essential avalanche safety equipment.

In emergencies, rescue gear plays an important role. To be adequately prepared for an avalanche, the rescue gear you need includes an avalanche pack, beacon, shovel and probe. You need to practice several times with your gear before entering avalanche terrain to know how to properly and efficiently use your equipment. If everyone wore an avalanche airbag backpack as well as a transciever, two out of three deaths from asphyxia would be saved.

Avalanche Gear
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For more information about avalanche education and safety, visit in the U.S. and in Canada.