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S-22-06 Snowmobile Bulletin

The following is a copy of the S-22-06 Consumer Letter. Vehicles affected by the bulletin will receive notification by mail to the address the vehicle is registered to.
Dear Polaris Owner,
Thank you for purchasing a Polaris Snowmobile. We strive to deliver you the best possible experience on every ride. That said, we have heard your feedback and have identified an issue with your vehicle that does not meet our quality standards. 
The reason for this notice:
The fuel filter on 2022 MATRYX RMK snowmobiles can restrict the fuel pump. When the fuel pump is restricted it may become loud and fail to supply the required fuel pressure. This may produce trouble codes related to low fuel pressure and the snowmobile reverting to a low performance engine mode. 
What you should do:
Contact your authorized Polaris dealer to schedule an appointment to have an updated fuel filter installed. Do not attempt to make repairs yourself. Repairs must be done only by an authorized dealer. This repair should take approximately 60 minutes. When making contact with your dealer, discuss parts availability, their schedule and how long they need to keep your vehicle.
What your dealership will do:
To address this concern, Polaris has authorized your dealer to install a new fuel pump filter. This work will be performed by your dealer at no cost to you. 
If you need assistance contacting or locating a Polaris Dealer or if you have questions your Polaris Dealer is not able to address, contact our Polaris Owner Connections Department at 1-800-POLARIS (765-2747), or go to the SNOWMOBILES Help Center.
We apologize for this inconvenience and assure you that we are committed to customer satisfaction and providing world-class products for riders to enjoy.
Polaris Snowmobiles 
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