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Waypoints on the RIDE COMMAND App

Waypoints are user-defined locations on the map. You can add up to 20 waypoints per route, and there is no limit to how many waypoints you can store in the RIDE COMMAND app. Once you have created your waypoints in the app, there are several ways to transfer them to your vehicle. For more information on these processes, read Syncing RIDE COMMAND Data

To add a waypoint, select TOOLS from the bottom-right corner of the map.

tools menu

Then select ADD PLACE.

add place

Move the waypoint to your desired location and select SET LOCATION.

Set location

The waypoint will be automatically named. If you wish to rename the waypoint, tap the text box and a keyboard will appear, allowing you to rename your waypoint. When finished renaming, press the return/enter button on your keyboard.

To further edit your waypoint, select the three vertical dots next to the name. This will enable a pop-up menu of actions, including add photo, move waypoint and delete waypoint. 

edit waypoint

A waypoint can also be created by using a long press on the location where you wish to set a waypoint. 

Deleting Waypoints
To delete a waypoint, click the three vertical dots next to the waypoint name. 

edit waypoint

From the pop-up menu, select DELETE WAYPOINT. 

Delete waypoint

Accessing Saved Waypoints
To access waypoints you previously saved, navigate to the RIDES tab on the app.

Rides tab

From the menu at the top of the Rides page, select WAYPOINTS. Here you can see your saved waypoints or add a new waypoint. 

Waypoints tab

To view details or edit a waypoint, select a waypoint from the list. In the text box, you can rename the waypoint. See the numbered items below for more options. 

Waypoint details and edit

1. Add a photo, move or delete the selected waypoint. 

2. Share the selected waypoint to Community or share via text, social media or email.

3. Add notes or photo to the selected waypoint. 

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For additional information on the RIDE COMMAND app, displays, and software updates, read 7-Button Display User's Guide or the ATV 7S User's Guide

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