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Choosing the Right Oil for Your Snowmobile

Which Oil Should I Use For My Machine?
Polaris Engineered Lubricants has three different types snowmobile engine oils. Full Synthetic VES and VES Extreme are designed to work across all engine platforms, from entry level fan-cooled to our high performance, variable exhaust engines. VES and VES Extreme offer our highest levels of engine detergency and wear protection for Polaris snowmobile engines. Snowmobiles with 600, 650, 800 H.O. and 850 engines should use VES and VES Extreme. Polaris Blue is a high quality semi-synthetic blend, specifically designed to work in fan-cooled non-VES liquid-cooled snow engines (VES = Variable Exhaust System), like the 550 snowmobiles.

Polaris oils

What Are the Benefits of Using VES or VES Extreme?
VES and VES Extreme both use custom-engineered, full-synthetic base oils and offer our highest levels of protection in high heat, high RPM and heavy load use. VES and VES Extreme also contain our highest levels of engine wear protection additives, with a boosted detergency system to keep pistons, cylinders, rings and exhaust valves free of carbon and soot.

VES is Polaris Engineering-approved for maximum engine protection. It's formulated for easy starting in the extreme cold and provides enhanced valve cleanliness, low smoke and excellent lubricity.

VES Extreme features an advanced ester base for ultimate performance. It offers superior flow in the extreme cold (-60 degrees Fahrenheit) and is formulated for easy starting in harsh conditions. VES Extreme has enhanced lubricity and detergency for maximum engine wear protection.

Note that if switching from VES to VES Extreme or from VES Extreme to VES, the two oils can mix. Never mix another brand of engine oil with Polaris oil. Different brands could be incompatible and could cause fuel injection system blockage, sludge formation, filter blockage and reduced cold weather flow rates.

Why Should I Use Polaris Engineered Snow Engine Oils vs. Aftermarket 2-Cycle Engine Oils?
Polaris Engineered 2-cycle engine oils are the most unique and customized oils in the Polaris Engineered Lubricants portfolio. Our products were built and tested to optimize the life cycle of your Polaris snow engine. Aftermarket engine oils claim they work across a broad range of engine and machine applications. Aftermarket oil products also commonly claim to work in all brands and all models but offer little or no testing validation to back up their claims. Polaris Engineered Lubricants works directly with Polaris engineering teams to formulate, test and validate each oil in the most extreme dyno and field conditions. Each fluid is specifically developed and tested to meet Polaris engineering’s tolerance and wear limitations to extend the lifecycle of your snow engine. With more than 1 million miles of field validation and thousands of hours on our dynos, we can say that we have the best oil available for Polaris snowmobile engines.

For more on Polaris oils, see the video below. It covers how Polaris Engineered Lubricants are developed in conjunction with Polaris engines (1:05); how new oils are developed, tested and validated (2:00); how long it takes to develop a new oil (4:15); how oils are tailored to Polaris engines (5:00); the difference between Polaris oils (5:25); what VES Extreme was formulated for (6:00); what the goals were for VES Extreme (6:55); the difference between Polaris oils and aftermarket oils (8:00); and how VES Extreme is able to perform in extreme temperatures and remain odorless (10:30).

For more information about Polaris snowmobile oils, listen to the Choose Wisely: Snowmobile Oil and Fuel episode of the Polaris Podcast.

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