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Re-Initializing Your PIDD

If you’ve updated your Polaris® Interactive Digital Display (PIDD), you may need to re-initialize your PIDD. If you see a set of wheels/axle in the bottom left corner, an engine in the top left and a person with a seatbelt in the upper right, you’ll need to re-initialize to remove those icons from your display.

Please note that the engine must be running for this process to work properly.

Follow these steps to re-initialize any 600 or non-AXYS 800 POLARIS snowmobile:

  • Navigate to the System Info Screen (Menu>>System Settings>>System Info)
  • Start the engine
  • Hold the “initialize” button, the far left button, for about 10 seconds until the display asks to initialize
  • Press the center button to initiate the process. You must hit the PERC/REVERSE button to get this to work

To re-initialize an AXYS 800:

  • Turn the key OFF
  • Turn the key ON
  • Start the engine
  • The display then automatically will initialize

For more information on the Polaris Interactive Digital Display, consult the PIDD User's Guide. Click here to access the User's Guide online. 

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