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Precision and Capability for Technical Trees​


Precision and Capability for Technical Trees

Versatility and Precision
in Technical Terrain.

The PRO RMK is built for the steep and deep and versatile a practical full-length tunnel.

Starting at US MSRP

Unmatched Deep Snow Performance

The PRO RMK delivers instantaneous lift and lightning fast response. The tapered low drag tunnel and Polaris-exclusive tracks lift the lightweight chassis on top of the snow, and the available low-inertia QD2 drive system creates incredible response.

Rider first design. Effortlesss control.

The Matryx RMK platform is a backcountry rider's dream. The narrow seat, tank and console provide improved rider connection to the sled. While the narrow bodywork enables more agility and less drag in the snow. 

Lift and Precision.

The PRO RMK Rear Suspension features a balanced, optimized geometry and rail design to deliver power directly to the snow to pop up and drive forward. Rigid design allows for precision to hold lines in the most technical terrain. Available in 155" length. 

Proven Patriot Power.

Choose a smooth and powerful 650 Patriot, or the benchmark in performance 850 Patriot.




When we build a sled, we build it to be the best sled for each unique riding style. Not simply a different sticker or name. Every part is scrutinized to deliver what you need as a rider.

Patriot Power

Choose from 650 or 850.

Tapered Tunnel

Superior Control in Steep Terrain

Polaris-Exclusive Tracks

Superior traction and lift in deep snow

Effortless control.

The raised RMK Matryx platform features a next-level rider interface, increased clearance and reduced drag for improved sidehilling and easier climbing.

Industry-Leading Technology

Polaris sleds lead the way in technology that enhances your ride. Technology built to help you plan rides, track your group, keep your sled cool in tough conditions, and see your way from dusk til dawn.

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