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Born to Lead

Ride confidently with the ultimate control and corner-to-corner quickness only the RUSH® can deliver. Turn the tightest corners into your victory lap, erase bumps, and gain the edge you crave.

The 2020 RUSH® Lineup


Ultimate Cornering & Handling

The RUSH® PRO-S is for riders who want the ultimate in cornering and handling, and a sled that virtually eliminates stutter bumps. Available with the 600 Cleanfire®, 800 Cleanfire® H.O. and 850 Patriot™ Engines.

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Starting at $11,699 US MSRP
Sharpest Handling. Quickest Accelerating.

We design the best trail performance sleds, built by the best team, and delivered through the best experiences - so that more precision, control, and confidence lives in every one of your rides.

Rider balanced control
Rider Balanced® Control

By placing the rider in the right location on the sled, we've built a snowmobile that corners flat without sacrificing the fun factor for better control in big bumps and chatter bumps.

Unrivaled acceleration
Unrivaled Acceleration

When developing the AXYS® platform, our engineers minimized weight throughout the sled without compromising strength. Combined with powerful engines and class-leading power-to-weight ratios, the RUSH® is the ultimate in corner-to-corner quickness.

Rider centric comfort
Rider-Centric Comfort

With ergonomic controls, integrated storage and enhanced wind protection plus LED headlights and gauge packages, comfort is woven directly into the AXYS® platform design.

Live For the First Pull and Last Light

The ride isn't just starting the engine and hitting the throttle. It's chasing the feeling you crave all year long. It's everything up to that moment, and the memories afterward. It's the planning, the anticipation, and the escape.

Discover more freedom, live to ride, stay BORN FOR MORE.

RUSH Reviews

"I bought one in December and loved it so much we bought my wife one in January. Great sled!"


- John B.

See what trail riders like you think of the RUSH® snowmobile:

Polaris Snowmobiles Rush

"Best Sled Ever!"


"Did the best 2,500 miles of my life this winter. Heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, super fun-filled riding."

Polaris Snowmobiles Rush



"This has to be the best trail sled ever built - plain and simple. What I love the most is that depending on my body position I have the ability to really be in control - it's like a custom riding experience."

Polaris Snowmobiles Rush

"Leaves Me Speechless"


"I've always wanted a sled like this - light, powerful, easy to handle and just smooths out those moguls. This RUSH leaves me speechless. What a beautiful ride! I've been riding for 60 years and counting, and it hasn't gotten old."