Voyageur® 155

Versatile Work and Fun
Starting at $9,499* CA MSRP

May be shown with additional modifications or accessories. Does not include destination charge or set-up fees.

Limitless Possibilities

The Voyageur® 155 is for riders that want an agile, all-purpose sport-utility snowmobile plus superb handling both on- and off-trail. 

Ultimate Flotation

The Voyageur® 155 is built to deliver performance wherever your snowmobiling day takes you. From accessing the powerline to checking the trap line, aggressive tracks and tough, wide skis keep you on top of the snow.

Unmatched Hauling

With its hitch, rear rack, and Polaris® rear suspension technology, the capable Voyageur® 155 maintains control and precision whether under the load on-trail or in the deep snow. 

Proven Handling

With the perfect blend of Polaris® suspension technology, the Voyageur® 155 delivers the best off-trail performance with confident trail handling at any speed.

Snowmobiles Designed to Fit Every Rider

A wide range of proven sled options for confident control wherever you ride on the Voyageur® 155. 



<span></span> Engine Options <span></span> 550 Fan
<span></span> Engine Type/Cooling <span></span> Fan Cooled
<span></span> Disc Brake Type <span></span> RMK® Hydraulic
<span></span> Drive System Type <span></span> Chaincase
<span></span> Drive/Driven Clutch <span></span> CVTech PowerBloc50 / Invance


<span></span> Front Suspension <span></span> RMK® Adjustable
<span></span> Rear Suspension <span></span> INDY® Articulated
<span></span> Shock Package <span></span> RydeFX® MPV
<span></span> Ski Type <span></span> PRO-FLOAT
<span></span> Track Options <span></span> 1.6" Cobra


<span></span> Fuel Capacity (gal/L) <span></span> 11.5 / 43.5
<span></span> Overall Height (in/cm) <span></span> 56 / 142
<span></span> Overall Width (in/cm) <span></span> 48 / 122
<span></span> Ski Center Distance (in/cm) <span></span> 39 / 99.1
<span></span> Overall Length (in/cm) <span></span> 132.25 / 335.9
Voyageur 155