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Voyageur 144 Features

Ultimate Flotation

The Voyageur 144 is built to deliver performance wherever your snowmobiling day takes you. From accessing the power line to checking the trap line, aggressive tracks and tough, wide skis keep you on top of the snow.

AXYS Chassis

The AXYS chassis of the 600 Voyageur 144 design is the key to delivering rider balanced control through the right rider positioning and centralized vehicle mass. The rider's hand position is moved 4.5" forward, the feet position is 2" forward, the knee position is 4.5" forward, and the seat is 4.5" forward. This means more bite for flatter cornering when in the neutral riding position and a lighter front end for climbing on top of the snow or the moguls when the rider shifts to the back of the sled.

PRO-RIDE Chassis

The PRO-RIDE chassis of the 550 Voyageur 144 is stiff for precise, intuitive handling that makes it the ideal choice for a nimble handling sled that's fun to ride.

IGX 144 Rear Suspension

A core element of the 600 Voyageur 144 platform is the Ideal Geometry X-Over (IGX) uncoupled rear suspension, which offers the ultimate blend of durability and strength. It provides RMK-inspired off-trail agility and balance with a drastically improved on-trail ride. Pitch is controlled through geometry and the 43% more front torque arm travel means less drag off-trail. An optimized, lighter tipped rail beam design gives the sled a nimble feel.

Coil-Over Rear Suspension

The coil-over rear suspension of the 550 Voyageur 144 is designed for better flotation and deep snow performance with improved on-trail ride. By eliminating the torsion springs and redesigning the torque arms, this skid weighs substantially less.

Unmatched Hauling

With its hitch, rear rack, and Polaris rear suspension technology, the capable Voyageur 144 maintains control and precision whether under the load on-trail or in the deep snow.

Integrated Storage & Cargo Rack

Storage was developed with the AXYS platform, so it installs securely without tools and features seamless, integrated styling that matches the sled's design lines. Sturdier zippers provide better cargo security and protection. Underseat storage comes standard with the Voyageur 144.


The hitch is hinged low for greater versatility and better towing.

Proven Handling

With the perfect blend of RMK DNA and Polaris suspension technology, the Voyageur 144 delivers the best off-trail performance with confident trail handling at any speed.

Gripper Skis

The standard in deep snow skis. The deep keel design offers great traction and wide design offers great flotation. Ski top dimples give great traction when you're climbing.

RydeFX® MPV Shocks

RydeFX® shocks provide a great foundation for riding and handling when boondocking.