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550 Voyageur

The most capable value in work and play

550 Voyageur

The most capable value in work and play


The ideal companion for any wintertime activity, work or play. Tow with it, haul with it, have fun with it.

Starting at CA MSRP


The Voyageur is the ideal companion for any wintertime activity, whether work or play. Towing and utility capability paired with the nimble and trail friendly 15" wide track deliver hard working capability and easy, confident handling.

Strong. Light. Nimble.

The PRO-RIDE chassis is a proven platform. Strong and light.

Durable, reliable performance.

The Liberty 550 engine is fan-cooled to provide consistent power, regardless of snow conditions. The clutching is equipped for smooth engagement and enhanced low-speed drivability.

The Right Tool for the Job

The Voyageur 550 is available in two distinct versions. Choose from the nimble Voyageur 144 or added flotation of the Voyageur 155.

550 Voyageur 155 - BUILT ON FLOTATION

Built to deliver wherever your snowmobiling day takes you. From accessing the power line to checking the trap line, aggressive tracks and tough, skis keep you on top of the snow.

550 Voyageur 144 - BUILT TO WORK OR PLAY

Break new trails, haul more gear, deliver supplies... and when the work is done, ride for fun.


With the perfect blend of Polaris suspension technology, the 550 Voyageur models deliver off-trail performance with confident trail handling.

Accessorize Your Ride

Accessorize Your Ride