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Cody Bahny

Cody Bahny

State: Montana
Race Sled: PRO-RMK

Cody has been riding sleds since he was a child, but his passion truly took off when he began riding every weekend in sixth grade. At fifteen, he traveled around the Western US riding and filming with riders before racing regularly starting with the 2015 season. Snowmobiling has changed his life because of the amazing people it has introduced him to who push him to be a better rider, friend, and person. He loves the beautiful scenery that snowmobiling lets him see and also enjoys riding with his buddies because they constantly push one another.  He plans to race for as long as he can. Cody enjoys the three seasons of Montana: snowmobile season, dirt bike/boating season, and hunting season. When not racing, he is a real estate broken at his father’s company Bill Bahny and Associates and co-owns a property management company.

800 PRO-RMK 163

The 800 PRO-RMK 163 is part of the lightest, strongest, most flickable deep snow sled family on the market. The #1 selling mountain snowmobile features the lightweight AXYS platform and 800 H.O. Cleanfire engine, which deliver the industry's best power-to-weight ratio, giving the rider instantaneous lift and immediate response.