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Levi Lavalle

Levi LaVallee

State: Minnesota
Sled: Anything Polaris
Favorite place to Ride: Minnesota

Levi grew up trailing riding with his family any chance they had. In fourth grade, he wrote a paper that said he wanted to be a professional snowmobile racer when he grew up. Shortly after, his dad entered Levi into his first snowmobile race when he was twelve. That experience was the driving force in his snowmobile career and by twenty he turned pro, won a championship, and transitioning into the freestyle world. In 2009, he formed Team LaVallee with Glenn Kafka as a way to stay involved in the snowmobile industry and help up-and-coming riders achieve their goals. Snowmobiles have molded a path for his life more than he could have imagined. It gave him a professional career, led him to his wife (they met at an indoor snocross race), brought his family closer together, and plowed paths for the big dreams he wanted to accomplish. He plans to compete and ride for as long as he can. So…it’s time to go find snow!