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Chris Burandt

Chris Burandt

State: Colorado
Sled: 850 PRO-RMK 163
Favorite place to Ride: Anywhere with snow, trees, and hills! 

Chris has been riding sleds since the age of 6 and has been fortunate enough to do tons of cool stuff on his machine throughout the years.  Whether it was racing snow cross back in the day, traveling all over the world doing freestyle, competing at the Jackson Hole hill climb or pushing boundaries out in the backcountry his happy place in life is on his sled!  Snowmobiling is what he truly lives for, but he also enjoys anything outdoors like chasing his kids around on their dirt bikes, ripping RZRs in the mountains, hunting elk with his bow in September or getting lost in the woods. He feels blessed to be able to make his passion his profession. His backcountry guiding business is now in its eleventh year with facilities in Colorado, British Columbia, and Chile. He rides eleven months out of the year and can’t believe his good luck that he gets to show other riders each and every day why he loves this sport so much.