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Chris Brown

Chris Brown

State: British Columbia, Canada
Sled: 850 RMK KHAOS 165
Favorite place to Ride: Whistler

In the winter, Chris rides a sled almost every day. He’s created a job out of riding and absolutely loves it. He began riding in the mid-90s when he bought his first mountain sled to gain access to the backcountry so he could ski fresh powder. His sled took him to places he couldn’t otherwise go, pushing his boundaries and exploring uncharted terrain. Through his riding clinics, he hopes to make Ride Whistler Adventures as affordable as possible for people to have a life changing experience on the snow. In the summer and fall, he mountain bikes, fishes, explores the BC Coast by boat, camps, and spends time with friends and family. Born outside of Boston, he moved to Colorado when he was twenty and has lived in Whistler since 2011.