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Scott Kendall

Scott Kendall

State: Ontario Canada
Sled: 850 INDY® XC® 129
Favorite place to Ride: Trails Across Ontario and Quebec


Snowmobiling is a passion of Scott’s and he has been riding for approximately 18 years. Once he began riding, his love for the sport grew into a passion. He now gets to enjoy this sport he loves with his 12-year-old son and wife. Scott purchased his son's first snowmobile when he was 6 years old and has been hooked since then. They love going out riding, spending time with one another, and their close friends who ride too.


A few things Scott loves about snowmobiling are the speed, acceleration and thrills of riding through twisty trails. Snowmobiling is also a way to spend time with family and close friends riding, socializing, and making memories. There really is nothing better! Being able to teach his son how to ride, maintain and repair his own sled, allows Scott to groom his passion for the sport, and teach him valuable skills while spending time together.


Scott is an active member in his local snowmobile club, the Kemptville Snowmobile Klub. Along with his son, he assists with trail construction, maintenance and set up every year. Scott sees this as a great way to show his son that trails just don't appear, and how vital volunteering is to snowmobiling.

850 INDY® XC® 129

The INDY® XC® is for riders seeking a pure, high-performance experience and escape on the trail through quick acceleration and a smooth ride.

850 INDY XC 129