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Johnny Caputo

Johnny Caputo

State: New York
Sled: 850 INDY® XC® 129
Favorite place to Ride: Anywhere there is snow!


Former professional cross-country racer Johnny is now a professional modified sled builder – and a die-hard deep snow rider who spends much of the winter in Colorado. He keeps Polaris® snowmobiles in Colorado and at his home in the Northeast, and logs thousands of miles every winter.


He loves the camaraderie the sport promotes as friend share great days on the snow, and says that these days, “I spend the majority of my time searching for endless powder.”

850 INDY® XC® 129

The INDY® XC® is for riders seeking a pure, high-performance experience and escape on the trail through quick acceleration and a smooth ride.

850 INDY XC 129