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Colten Dixon

Colten Dixon

State: Ontario Canada
Sled: 850 Switchback XCR
Favorite place to Ride: Northern Ontario


Colten's dad introduced hiim to sledding at a young age, if they weren’t riding they were buying, fixing or modifying snowmobiles. After those early years, he never looked back and every fall starts counting down the days until the first snowfall.
He enjoys planning multi day rides with a great group of riding buddy’s and they always make new friends along our travels. Sledding affords him the opportunity to explore areas of Northern Ontario and Quebec he may not otherwise see. When Colten is not riding his sled in the winte, he is volunteering at the local club grooming our trail systems for other avid snowmobilers to enjoy.
During the off season he can be found riding my Turbo S with friends throughout the beautiful trails & wilderness Ontario has to offer!