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Switchback Assault

The Ultimate in Crossover Performance and Ride Technology

Switchback Assault

The Ultimate in Crossover Performance and Ride Technology

Pure Dominance Off-Trail or On-trail.

The Switchback Assault delivers incredible flotation and traction in deeper snow with on-trail capability.

Starting at CA MSRP

Versatility for Wherever You Ride.

When the ride goes from the groomed trail to the singletrack, then the frozen swamp to the meadow, the versatility of a Switchback sled can't be beat.

Rider First Design. Effortless Control.

The Switchback on the Matryx platform is a boondocker's dream. The narrow cockpit provides improved rider connection to the sled. Helping you move around the sled in deep snow for balance or on-trail for precision.

Float. Fly. And Carve the Corners.

The IGX 146 Rear Suspension features optimized geometry to better control pitch. Tipped rail design allows for easier cornering and acceleration while the 146" length offers improved flotation.

Choose Your Power.

With three engine choices from the Patriot Family. Choose a smooth and powerful 650, industry-leading power-to-weight 850, or the turbocharged Factory Mod… the Patriot Boost.

Purpose-Built to Make Your Ride Better.

When we build a sled, we build it to be the best sled for a unique riding style. Not simply a different sticker or name. Every part is scrutinized to deliver what you need as a rider.

Patriot Power

Choose from 650, 850 or Patriot Boost engine options.

Light & Strong

Bonded aluminum construction for added durability.

Track Choices

Tailor your traction for your riding style.

Effortless Control

The Matryx platform Switchback Assault features a rider-first design and decades of suspension development pulling the best attributes from RMK mountain sleds and Indy trail sled to create the best handling crossover sled on snow.

Industry-Leading Technology

Polaris sleds lead the way in technology that enhances your ride. Technology built to help you plan rides, track your group, keep your hands warm on the ride and see your way from dusk til dawn.